High School of Business

High School of Business is designed much like a college business administration program. Students take approximately one course per semester, beginning with an introduction to business. The program continues with courses in various business functions concluding with the capstone course, Business Strategies, which requires implementation of the principles addressed throughout the High School of Business program. Students incorporate High School of Business into a college-preparatory style course of study, resulting in the delivery of a breadth of academic knowledge that is then used in rigorous business-focused projects.  



A*S*K (Assessment of Skills and Knowledge) Business Institute Certificate

The A*S*K certifications offer added value to completion of coursework and other learning experiences. 


Rigorous courses, college-level learning outcomes, and accountability through third-party exams are a powerful combination that leads to many benefits for students in the High School of Business program. Students are encouraged to take what they have learned and apply it to a postsecondary institution. Several options are listed here. 


There are numerous career options for students in the High School of Business pathway. We encourage all students to pursue additional education through a two or four-year institution in order to position themselves to be most marketable in the business industry. However, many career options are also available for students directly out of high school.