Health Sciences

The Health Sciences course is a one-year program for high school juniors and seniors interested in the health care field. This course provides the student with the opportunity to develop leadership skills, therapeutic communication, in-depth understanding and the ability to communicate using medical terminology, basic patient care skills, critical thinking skills, problem solving, and a successful work ethic, necessary to become a successful healthcare worker. This program utilizes knowledge, skill and professional conduct to explore various careers available in the health field. Three days per week are spent on-the-job training at Moore-Few Care Center, Barone Alzheimer Care Center, and Medicalodge to earn certification in nurse assisting. Students also have the opportunity to work with health care professionals in areas such as radiology, surgery, physical therapy, dental hygiene, nurse practitioner clinics, pharmacy, lab, and other areas determined by student interest and availability. 




Certified Nurse Assistant (C.N.A.)

This certification allows you to work in entry level positions in health care settings such as acute care, long term care, home health, or private agencies. Certification is also a prerequisite for the majority of nursing schools and a foundation for any health care career. 

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Basic life-saving skill necessary to work in the health care field 


CNA certification is the foundation for all careers in healthcare and is required for entry into the majority of nursing schools. Students can go into Licensed Practical Nursing, Associate Degree Nursing, or Bachelor Degree Nursing programs. Many students also use their CNA knowledge as a foundation for radiology technician, phlebotomy, physical therapist, pharmacy tech, and many more careers. 


Students who complete this program and pass the C.N.A. exam are eligible to work in a variety of settings involving patient care. Students can also choose to attend college and earn a variety of degrees related to health care.