Automotive Technology

The modern automobile has become a technically complex device to maintain and repair. The technician must call upon knowledge of sound mechanical and electrical principles to service the integrated systems of the automobile. These skills are needed by individuals to enter the work force as entry-level automotive service technicians. Intensive career preparation is provided through a combination of classroom instructions and hands-on experience. In this program young men and women will work together using sophisticated instruments and their finely tuned minds to diagnose and repair automobiles. This will help to prepare them for the highly demanding automotive field. So if you are looking to turn a hobby that you enjoy into a career that you will love, then NRTC Automotive Technology is the place to start. 



The Automotive Technology program has gone through a complete upgrade to meet the requirements of the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). Some of the new equipment includes: 


ASE student certification is designed to evaluate and certify students who are near the end of their studies. This certification is good for two years after the student graduates. 

ASE Student Certification in: 


Students are encouraged to continue their education by attending a post-secondary college or technical college after graduating. Many options are available for them and the information is easily accessible to learn how to apply for further education at such locations as: 


Opportunities in the automotive world are too numerous to list. Careers associated with vehicles of any sort are started by learning the basics of automotive technology. High paying exciting automotive careers start here at NRTC with the Automotive Technology Program.